NYXSYS Takes OOH Advertising up a Notch with the All-New Posterbox

One of the biggest challenges of out of home advertising is the lack of precise analytics. For the longest time, it has been difficult for OOH suppliers to give exact figures on the effectiveness of a client’s ad because suppliers did not have the technology needed to do so. This has made some businesses apprehensive to spend on OOH ads since they are uncertain if they are getting their money’s worth.

Now, NYXSYS Philippines has found an answer to this problem with the all-new NYXSYS Posterbox. Our Posterbox is a 55-inch digital display kiosk system equipped with a Consumer Demographics Sensor that analyzes customer attributes to gain actionable data insights. This simply means that we can provide precise data on the performance of OOH ads in terms of viewership and engagement.  Our clients will now know the number of people who have seen their ads, the demographics of the people who have seen their ads and even their facial reactions.

Advertise with us! NYXSYS Posterboxes are currently located in the following Ayala Malls:

-          Glorietta Mall

-          UP Town Center Katipunan

-          Market! Market!

-          Trinoma Mall