The Perks of Digital Menu Boards

Competition in the food industry is steep. In order to stay in the game, food entrepreneurs constantly look for ways to attract customers to buy their dishes. Because of the need to innovate, new trends are beginning to be more prominent in the food industry.

One of these trends is the use of digital menu boards in restaurants. Digital menu boards are electronic screens that present food options and prices to customers. There are several reasons as to why food establishments have started investing in this technology and NYXSYS is here to present some of its advantages:

Digital Menu Board -> More Creative Options -> Better Customer Experience

One of the biggest perks of digital menu boards. Restaurants are able to present their food in a more appetizing way. Unlike the traditional static menu boards, one can actually add animation and effects to the items in the digital menu board. A digital menu board also allows food establishments to feature video advertisements of their products. It helps in giving one’s food options a breath of new aesthetic life. (Rise Vision, 2017)

When a food establishment has more creative options to present its dishes, it potentially leads to better customer experience. “Deploying effective content on these screens can dramatically improve impulse buy figures. The content on digital signage boards resonates better with customers through being more interactive and fun than on static boards”. (Screen Kinetics, 2017)

Digital Menu Board Makes Life Easier

A digital menu board makes content management more efficient. A food entrepreneur can easily update its prices if needed, change the content if there is a new product that needs to be advertised, and it even provides scheduling options for some restaurants. Restaurants are free from the hassle of having to reprint and flip menu boards since they now have the technology necessary update everything in real-time.

Digital Menu Boards are Worth the Investment

A common misconception about digital menu boards is that it is too expensive to invest in this kind of technology. However, some articles have stated that it is relatively fast to get your return on investment with digital menu boards. In the United States, approximately 57.7% of restaurants that have invested in digital menu boards have gotten back their investment within 7 – 18 months. 11.5% were able to retrieve their investment in 6 months or less. Furthermore, these restaurants experienced a 10-15% increase in sales when they started investing on digital menu boards. (Waldron, 2016)

Digital menu boards are transforming the food industry and the technology has a lot of advantages that can elevate the status of food establishments. It is time for food establishment owners to consider investing in digital signage since this technology truly is the signs of the times.


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